Welcome to the Fluid Earth photo contest!


Thanks so much to everyone who submitted pictures! We received some truly amazing photographs from a great variety of very talented lens-men. Choosing the winners was not easy, but we hope you enjoy their hard work! Congratulations to everyone who participated; you are a valued part of our surfing community.


Winner: Original Wave.

Submitted by Jeff Sepp. Jeff has been an East Coast surfer for six years. He has a bachelors degree in environmental science and is currently pursuing a master's degree in business and sustainability. Location undisclosed.











Winner: Custom Bio-Board.

Submitted by Stefan Weckert. Stefan has developed a line of beautiful hollow boards built from sustainably farmed balsa, 98% linseed oil resin and fiberglass. Based in Spain, his crew often bikes to the beach. Check out his boards at: www.kuntiqi.com










Winner: Environmental Project.

Submitted by Jason Rath. Jason is a local California photographer shooting from The Ranch to Cambria and everything in between. Check out his world-class, and often surf-related photography at: www.rathphoto.com.


This photo is of Karl von Kries of the band 'Instar' (www.instarmusic.com) who played on February 23 at the Surfrider Foundation San Luis Bay Chapter's Stokefest '08 (www.slosurfrider.org).




Thanks again to everyone who participated! Stay posted for our next event!


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