Performance fins surfed from the North Shore to Mavericks.


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Skeg Revolution!!!  Our latest fin design is inspired by the phenomenal power and agility of the majestic humpbacks. The 8" humpback skeg delivers unbelievably powerful bottom turns that launch you down the line with the force of a breaching whale!


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At Fluid Earth, we believe you should never compromise quality or performance.





Our remarkable patent-pending bio-composite has been specifically engineered for surfboard fin production; providing the perfect balance of strength, flex, and durability. The resin used in our bio-composite is comprised of a minimum of 50% plant derived material, creates 34% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to similar petroleum based resins, and uses 32% less fossil fuels to produce.


Fluid Earth is the only fin company that delivers the performance you demand without the environmental impact. Our fins are also completely recyclable though our unique Fin Recycling Program. Experience the fast, powerful ride delivered by the world's most sustainable fins!


Wave riding is about becoming a part of the ocean.

Fluid Earth's eco-friendly manufacturing and business philosophy allows you to connect with the waves without poisoning the waters you love.


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Fluid Earth

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